'Dead Guilty'    March 2014

 A double bill featuring a WWI drama, 

'Memories of The Great War'


 Entertainment reflecting that period in history. 

July 2014

'Neighbourhood Watch' 

November 2014

'Horror at Hadder Hall' 

A Murder Mystery Evening,  March 2015

  'Third Week in August' July 2015

         'Ladies of Spirit' November 2015

'Murder on Cue' March 2016

 'The W I Blues' July 2016

'Voices' November 2016

'Deborah's Party' March 2017

'Jack Up!' November 2017

'Love on the Beach' March 2018

'Building Bridges' November 2018

'Hairs To The Memory' 

A Murder Mystery Evening

July 2018

'Your Time is Up'  March 2019

'Pier Pressure' A Murder Mystery Evening  July 2019

'The Final Lockdown' 

A Murder Mystery Evening July 2021